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Change Log

Various usability improvements

Feb 16, 2019

You can now add images to gigs

Jan 19, 2019

Fixed an error when adding new venues

Jan 4, 2019

In certain cases, attempting to add a new venue would fail with an unhelpful error message. These cases should now succeed as expected.

Easier gig sharing

Dec 8, 2018

Better, more-shareable gig listings

Dec 7, 2018

We've added a Search bar

Nov 15, 2018

Minor fixes and tweaks

Nov 13, 2018

Better timekeeping

Nov 11, 2018

You can now remove listings from the site

Nov 6, 2018

Discussion boards are live

Nov 5, 2018

More preview improvements

Nov 3, 2018

Sharing improvements, minor bug fixes

Nov 2, 2018

Allow 'TBD' showtimes

Nov 1, 2018

Usability fixes based on early feedback

Nov 1, 2018

Initial preview

Nov 1, 2018